Experiences matter.

Programming is more than the implementation of a design.

My Name

Michael Wutzke

Current Job

Senior Web Developer


Frankfurt (Germany)

Latest Knowledge

Predictable Machine Learning

Industries which I am familiar with

Finance, Real Estate, e-Commerce

Special Interests

Architecture, Change Management, IOT

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A good question. My roles were always related to the precise tasks to be accomplished. No matter if I worked for a media agency, a VC financed startup, or for a large enterprise. For sure I am an unconventional person and it is hard to put me into a specific area. And that’s a good thing. The requirements for IT specialists have drastically changed in the recent years. As wide as my duties were at work, as extensive are my knowledges around the web today.

So, who am I? I am a pragmat who brings ideas to live and does everything for their success.

Good results do not only need a great idea and the right team. The product must be useful and the end user the focus. The rest will often happen by itself.

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German N24 TV station says in a big industry review about the Valentins online shop which I programmed:

“The best website with the highest order comforts showed Valentins.”

Valentins is a leading flower delivery service in Germany with millions of customers. visit the online shop

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