My Name

Michael Wutzke

Officially certified by:

AWS, Google,

Industries which I am familiar with

Finance, E-Commerce, Real Estate

Special Interest


Bringing People to the next step

My role always adjusts to fit the precise tasks to be accomplished, whether I’m working for a media agency, a startup, or a large enterprise. For sure I am an unconventional personality, and it is hard to pin me to a specific area. And that’s a good thing. Requirements for IT specialists have drastically changed in recent years. As wide as my work duties have been, just as extensive is my knowledge of the web today.

So, who am I? I am an IT expert who brings ideas to life and does everything for their success.


Successful projects need a great idea, the right team, perfect timing, added value, and customer focus.

— Michael Wutzke

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Michael Wutzke