From time to time, I publish interesting information about some of my technical activities, especially about AWS, Docker, and web development.

Consulting Role for a New Crypto Project

At the beginning of November 2021, I started an official advisory role for the Electra Foundation (Estonia, Europe), which is

How Blockchains Will Change Our Lives

It's interesting: most people have heard of Bitcoin by now. But very few have delved deeper into the hype behind

Social Media Talk

On April 23, 2021 I had the opportunity to give a presentation on social selling at Siemens AG (Central Region

The Market for Data Centers in Frankfurt Is Booming

It is no longer inside information that the Greater Frankfurt area has developed into a leading location for data centers

Through Concentration and Focus to More Success

Develop Your Strengths! On June 24, 2020, the second Management Lab of Policen Direkt Versicherungsvermittlung GmbH took place. The Management

AWS for the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has traditionally been a conservative industry. Innovations like digitalization have a hard time getting through in this

Management Lab started successfully

Develop Your Strengths! Today I attended the Management Lab for the first time. This program is intended to support employees

Use SOAP client in a Docker container

SOAP is a network protocol that enables data to be exchanged between systems and remote procedure calls to be carried

Which of the AWS certifications is the right one?

If you take a closer look at cloud technologies from AWS (Amazon Web Services), you will quickly reach your limits.

Important domain endings are missing in Route 53

At first glance, Route 53 from AWS offers numerous functions that make the service stand out from other domain providers.

Turn off automatic translation of web pages in Chrome

Google Chrome has an option to automatically translate web pages. The translation function is a good solution for many users

.NET Meetup Frankfurt – Web Development using Docker and Angular

On November 5, 2019, SDX AG invited to a DOTNET event held at Frankfurt's Westhafen. SDX is a technology partner

Moving Domains and TTL

When dealing with the administration of domains, you are often faced with the question of where to manage your domains

AWS Partner Summit Frankfurt 2019

In September 2019 I attended the AWS Partner Summit Frankfurt held at the Kap Europa Congress Center. The AWS Summit

Black Hat 2019

In August 2019, I visited Black Hat USA. Black Hat is a world-leading security conference that has been held regularly

No broken WordPress pages anymore

WordPress is a flexible content management system that is experiencing ever-growing market coverage. And not without a reason: Getting started

Scrum: Sprint Retrospective vs Sprint Review

Software developers working in a team should use Agile development methodologies in order to perform better. Let me quickly explain

AWS Transfer for SFTP – Problem and Complicated

Those who work in IT may know ad hoc requests of this kind: "We need an FTP server for a

Many Projects Fail on a Small Scale

Over and over I am faced with the challenge of improving or evaluating things in my professional life. Typical questions

CURL and Elasticsearch

If you want to connect to Elasticsearch from the Linux command line, you can do that with CURL, for example.

Elastic Stack and Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack (formerly known as ELK Stack) have been around for some years now, for almost half

Instagram Marketing 2019

How does Instagram work in 2019 and what do you have to do to succeed there? For several months, I've

Docker training courses completed

Docker is a software technology that makes developing and deploying applications different than in the past. The special feature of

AWS in productive use

Since autumn 2018, I have professionally used the infrastructure of AWS Amazon Web Services in productive use, after having previously

WordPress and the WordPress API

Actually, content management systems are somewhat frowned upon by developers. Because developers want to: develop on their own. But in

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