I am investing into stocks and other asset classes since I got out of high school. One area which is today dominating my life are digital assets and cryptocurrencies. When I started to buy Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptos back in 2015, I had no idea that my future professional work would be in this industry.  Today I am a blockchain expert and I am used to invest in tokens and their investment strategies. From big investment fails and successes I learned how crypto markets often behave, what the pitfalls are, and I managed to get a deep understanding about the different use cases.

In my belief, competence in cryptocurrency is essential for crypto investors. It enables understanding of the technology, assessing projects, managing risks, identifying trends, avoiding scams, engaging with the community, and ensuring regulatory compliance. This expertise is crucial for making informed investment decisions and building credibility. By investigating legit projects, you get a good understanding about how everything connects. And for this, my technology knowledge is often very helpful for supporting or rejecting investment decisions.

To professionalize the investments in the future, I founded the investment company Gateflow Capital in Frankfurt.

Head of Decentralized Finance in New York City (Michael Wutzke) and Comounds Labs CEO (Robert Leshner)

Meeting with Robert Leshner (CEO of Compound Labs) at SmartCon in New York City

The majority of investment opportunities in the crypto space are scam or are close to being a scam. Experience helps to avoid them.

— Michael Wutzke


Understanding markets is certainly helpful to cope with them. But not only from an investment perspective are digital assets and cryptocurrencies very much interesting to me. I am also trying to support others in the space where I can, and create solutions where possible.

My focus is particularly on bringing the traditional financial sector, blockchains and regulations into harmony. This is the only way innovative financial market solutions in the blockchain space have a future in Germany and Europe. That’s why I’m involved in numerous organizations for this purpose, for example the Digital Token Identifier Foundation.


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Michael Wutzke