[lvca_heading heading=”Senior Web Developer” short_text=”At the moment (since 2016)”]

Conception, “hands on” development, and optimization of a portal about insurances. Includes self dependent programming of frontend, API and CRM connectivity with the goal to create added values for customers. Coordination of work among marketing, management, product development and external partners. Furthermore, creation of numerous websites in the insurance sector, especially using WordPress.

[lvca_heading heading=”e-Commerce Expert” short_text=”Large Media Enterprise (2011 until 2015)”]

Project lead and “hands on” development of online shops, e-commerce, and conversion optimization subjects at Valentins GmbH (100% owned by Burda Digital). Development of frontends and backends of at least five online shops including well-known brands such as Lidl and REWE. Improvements of conversion rates and self dependent implementation of different IT projects.

[lvca_heading heading=”Web Developer and Founder” short_text=”VC-financed startup (2004 until 2010)”]

Founding and building of the information provider Emporis in Germany. Expansion of the own position as global market leader for information on major construction projects. Attraction of a multi million venture capital funding by KfW-Bankengruppe and Neuhaus Partners. Later successful sale of the company (exit 2010).

[lvca_heading heading=”Head of Media Agency” short_text=”Design Agency (1998 until 2003)”]

Conception, graphics design, and programming of websites. Project realization for well-know banks and involvement in the creation of annual reports.

[lvca_heading heading=”IT Freelancer” short_text=”Advertising Agency (1997)”]

Founding and building of the media agency Startconcept GmbH in Germany. Realization of web sites, print projects, and applications on CD-ROM. Design and execution of exhibitions, books and print publications, and media services for companies.

[lvca_heading heading=”IT Consultant” short_text=”IT Support Company (1996)”]

Conception and programming of webpages and databases. Service duties for banks for HP/Sun/Oracle solutions.

[lvca_heading heading=”MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCES”][lvca_accordion][lvca_panel panel_title=”Due Diligences”]Over a period of 10 years, I was involved in multiple due diligences (both for the buyer’s side and the seller’s side). Here, I was responsible for examining and preparing documents describing the quality of IT systems, the state of teams, and the health of products.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Drafting Contracts”]Over a period of more than 15 years, I was creating and/or reviewing a wide set of legal documents which had to do with business development and IT-related issues. Among them were contracts, licensing agreements, and terms of use.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Team Management”]I am experienced in dealing with people from a wide set of cultures. I am used to work together in team, and I have management capabilities in terms of leading teams and providing guidance.[/lvca_panel][/lvca_accordion]
[lvca_heading heading=”Publications and Interviews”]

Several publications and interviews in newspapers and on TV, publication of a real estate pocket book in bestseller run. Additionally, I am the author of the Skyline Atlas.

[lvca_heading heading=”Board Membership”]

Thanks to my extensive experiences I am advising the management of several web technology companies both in Germany and the United States as part of their advisory boards.

[lvca_heading heading=”Higher Education”]

I attended the FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economy & Management in Essen. I received a Technical Diploma in Machine Building and English.

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