I am a web developer based in Frankfurt with more than 20 years experiences in software development. Throughout my career, I was able to gain a lot of insights in a variety of business models and companies. In the first ten years, my work was primarly focused on B2B solutions, but in the last few years it shifted towards a consumer focus.

In contrast to a typical website programmer, I consider myself a web solutions architect. Simply because I have worked on so many projects which gave me insights of how to achieve goals and lead users to the next step. Combined with by creativity and flexibility, I became a team player and learned how to create successful websites and apps.

Michael Wutzke - Web Developer Frankfurt
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… creating the right web solution for a given target audience. I am trained to implement concepts by usability experts, graphics designers and product managers or I create such designs myself. By proposing strategic concepts for web projects and attending website optimization trainings, I learned what the drivers, OKRs and KPIs are for making a product successful. By coordinating up to 15 developers, I was able to learn hands-on project management.


A goal without an intelligent concept is just an idea.

— Michael Wutzke

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I attended a large number of technology, management and communication trainings. Some are ending with a certification, some aren’t. I am constantly self-educating myself whenever I have time to. That’s why I love to travel by train instead of the car: I can use the time there for getting better and learning new things. I especially use video trainings nowadays.

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When I am not developing or self-educating myself, I am enjoying my free time with my family or I am travelling. Whenever it is possible, I take pictures or I film videos using with my drone. Such material is published to the SKYLINE ATLAS, which I contribute content to.


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