I am an IT allrounder from Frankfurt with more than 20 years experiences in the planning and realization of web projects (frontend, backend, provisioning). Throughout my career, I was able to gain a lot of insights in a variety of business models and companies. In the first ten years, my work was primarly focused on B2B solutions, but in the last few years it also included a focus on consumers.

I have a hands-on approach to my work, because I have actively worked on many digital projects. By combining creativity, flexibility, and perseverance, I became a team player and learned how you can create successful solutions or those which do not work. My work usually involves to lead people to the next step.

Currently I’m alternately working as a project manager, web developer, and devop. I am also a sparring partner for decision makers as well as colleagues from IT, product management, marketing, and other areas. I am officially and multiple times certified by Google, AWS (Amazon Web Services), and Scrum.org. From time to time I also write articles and guest posts, for example for Der Bank Blog.

Michael Wutzke - Web Developer Frankfurt

If team members are not motivated, the likelihood of delay increases.

— Michael Wutzke


… creating the right solution for a given target audience, evaluating ideas, and justifying my opinions. I am trained to create interaction concepts by myself and to implement concepts by usability experts, graphics designers, and product managers.

By applying strategic concepts for web projects and attending website optimization trainings, I learned what the drivers are for making a product successful. And by coordinating teams of developers, I was able to learn hands-on IT project management early in my career.

In short: know-how and know-why.

AWS Certified Expert in Frankfurt - Michael Wutzke - Amazon Web Services Certified - Lecture - Training

A goal without a concept and a lack of measurable metrics is just an idea.

— Michael Wutzke


In the last few years I attended a large number of technology, management and communication trainings. Some of these trainings were leading to an official certification. I am constantly self-educating myself whenever I have time to. That’s why I love to travel by train instead of the car: I can use the time there for getting better and learning new things. I especially use video trainings nowadays.

Google Certifications
I am long-term trained to use a variety of Google products and services which play a role in online sales. Among the Google tools I am skilled are Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, Google Ads, and the Google Marketing Platform. I am also Google Analytics Certified and own a Google Mobile Sites Certification.
AWS Certifications
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest cloud services provider with about 50% market share in the cloud services market (according to Gartner research). Since 2018 I use services of the AWS Cloud like EC2, S3, VPCs and CloudWatch almost every day. I am an officially accredited AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

At the moment I am preparing for the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam.

Scrum Certification
Scrum is a project management framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. I am officially certified by Scrum.org as Professional Scrum Master.

In addition to these official IT certifications, I have a training authorization in accordance with ยงยง 28 – 30 of the German Berufsbildungsgesetz (BBiG) from the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce for the IT educations in application development (Fachinformatiker/in Anwendungsentwicklung) and system integration (Fachinformatiker/in Systemintegration). This means that I am officially allowed to train young IT specialists according to the German labour education law.

From time to time I am also attending technology meetups in Frankfurt.

A project is doomed to underperform or fail if its management is bad.

— Michael Wutzke


I love my fields of knowledge and I am grateful for every day that I can work to implement ideas. I am used to working with a wide variety of personalities, whether young or old. I am innovative, active, emotional, and strategically thinking. Thanks to my positive attitude, I motivate people working with me and create solutions which perform.


I have been dealing with cryptocurrencies and blockchains since 2015 and follow developments in distributed ledger technologies. I have run my own Bitcoin miners and a Bitcoin Full Node in the past.

In my opinion, blockchains driven by smart contracts have the potential to become the greatest trend since the invention of smartphones. Such modern blockchains will be game changers to many industries in the the years to come, especially in the areas of finance, insurance, and real estate.

Frankfurt Cofounder - Fintech Co Founder Frankfurt - Insurtech


In addition to my passion for IT, I’m active as a business angel, consultant, and investor. In the crypto sector, I primarily invest in established blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. I have a special focus on projects that can solve real problems. These include Solana, Polkadot, Kusama, and Electra Protocol as well as tokens running on these platforms.


When I am not working or self-educating myself, I enjoy my free time with my family. I especially like travelling and visit places I have not been to. As a hobby, I sometimes write articles, take pictures, or I record videos using my drone. Afterwards I publish some of the materials on SKYLINE ATLAS, a project which I helped to initiate.


Michael Wutzke and the Cookie Monster

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Michael Wutzke