I am in web development since more than 20 years. I’m programming in around a dozen programming and script languages (frontend, backend, and the shell). My working instruments are Windows and Linux computers, but I also used to work 5 years on a Mac.

The focus of my work in the last years were especially mobile apps and online shops. Besides my technological skills around IT aspects I have extensive knowledges in sales, marketing, management, and design. Together, these knowledges turn me into an IT allrounder who can talk with all kinds of involved people.

Frankfurt Web Developer - Web Programmer


Web Technologies - Internet Programming Languages

For me, web programming is always more than the implementation of a design someone has. Today I am developing websites and apps using a variety of programming languages. Here, my strengths is the frontend which I am developing using HTML, CSS and Javascript –  and all the aspects involved creating successful web projects or apps. I am used to program with frameworks like jQuery and Angular on a daily basis.

In the backend I use PHP/Symfony and Microsoft .NET. I have also senior-level experiences in dealing with databases such as MySQL, Postgres and SQL Server. My server environments are Linux servers and Windows servers, including setting up servers and managing them. For dealing with programming code I use Git/GitFlow, often in combination with software like GitHub and JIRA.


What software do you use?
I am working on a variety of platforms. Programming is done by myself on a Windows system, the applications are usually made available on Linux servers.
Since when do you program?
I started programming at the age of 15 using Basic and Assembler on Amiga computers. Later, I switched to PCs and started to program Pascal at school. Between 1990 and 1997 I actively used modems and ran mailboxes to exchange data. In 1997 I learned ColdFusion, and some years later switched to PHP. From 2012, I became a Frontend specialist using jQuery, Bootstrap and HTML5. In 2019 I began to use Angular and .NET technology.
What do you like most in terms of programming?
I am trying to always find the best solution. I am a creative IT guy with a passion for details.
What kind of server-side experiences do you have?
I am used to setup and manage servers in data centers and in the cloud. I have more than 15 years experiences with Linux-based systems (especially using Debian, Ubuntu). I have been using the AWS Cloud since 2018 and I am also multiple times AWS certified.
Do you have experiences using content management systems?
Yes, since 2016 I am developing websites using WordPress. I have gained insights in running single WordPress installations as well as multi sites. I also have experiences in managing multi lingual sites and running sites powered by the Woocommerce eCommerce plugin. My knowledge goes far beyond usaing and doing frontend customization of WordPress: my expertise in WordPress includes expert level knowledge in theme setups, child themes, creating and patching plugins, versioning, CI pipelines, user management, hosting and security.

I am passionate and I am feeling great thankfulness for everything I can do. Nothing can stop me from reaching the best results.

— Michael Wutzke


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Michael Wutzke