Instagram Tips 2019 - Marketing on social media - How to become successful

How does Instagram work in 2019 and what do you have to do to succeed there? For several months, I’ve been using Instagram now and needed something to keep me warm. Meanwhile, I have to say that I like Instagram from all social media services the best … as it works best. So the big question is:

How to become successful on Instagram?

Quite simple: use Instagram actively and look for things from others! Because: Who knows Instagram only by watching, it will not understand.

Basically, Instagram is meant for individuals to share things that move them personally. Many a critic would say that on Instagram especially people hang around who have too much time and want to stage themselves. Therefore, especially young people on Instagram who have one thing above all: (too much) time.

Instagram is used in a very creative and interactive way that other social media services have never known before.

So what can you do to stand out from the crowd? Here are my recommendations for Instagram:

  • Follow people and brands that exactly fit your own environment.
  • Like and comment on other people’s posts on a regular basis, so that other users, in turn, become aware of yourself.
  • Make extensive use of icons and #hastags that match your own post.
  • Be creative, because users want to be entertained here.
  • If there are details to read, include a CTA in your image / video (like “read text!”).
  • Encourage users to do something specific.

If you take these things to heart, Instagram can be useful.

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