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In September 2019 I attended the AWS Partner Summit Frankfurt held at the Kap Europa Congress Center. The AWS Summit is aimed at AWS Partners and is a conference with an attached exhibition. The summit takes place several times a year in different locations worldwide. AWS executives showcase a wealth of successful customer stories that AWS partners develop and deliver through AWS services. But you can also be certified at the AWS Summit. In addition, visitors will learn more about the AWS Partner Network (APN), hear from professionals and have the opportunity to network with AWS experts and your APN peers.

AWS Certified Expert in Frankfurt - Michael Wutzke - Amazon Web Services Certified - Lecture - Training
AWS Partner Summit 2019 - Talking to business - AWS Cloud - Increase customer value with AI solutions - Artificial Intelligence

During the conference, lectures and trainings took place in four different rooms. The focus of my participation was clearly the fields of “artificial intelligence” (AI) and “machine learning” (ML). And I had good reason to attend such presentations: These two topics are more than buzzwords today. In the years to come, KI and ML will increasingly come into focus and open up opportunities that were previously not possible with traditional data processing.

I took the following lectures with the aim to use the AI‚Äč/ML functions of AWS rather sooner than later:

  • Increase customer value with AI solutions
  • Agile Machine Learning on AWS
  • How to make your software smarter with AI Services from AWS

Interestingly, these AI/ML-related technologies are not completely new to AWS. And so it is no wonder that there are already numerous proven and widely used services in this area. According to AWS, as many as 85% of Tensorflow installations worldwide will run on AWS. Tensorflow is a leading framework for data-driven programming that is used, among other things, in the field of machine learning.

AWS Summit Frankfurt Germany - Speaker at the AWS Congress - Amazon Web Services Specialist
SAP Booth at AWS Summit Frankfurt 2019 - AWS Exhibition - Companies and Experts Conference

In the breaks between the lectures one could talk to other AWS experts and exchange experiences. Alternatively you could get advice at one of the numerous partner booths. The exhibitors at the AWS conference included well-known software companies such as Software AG or SAP. The reason for their appearance is simple: Everyone is moving towards the cloud.

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